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Dana, store from the company's headquarters in a planned way to gradually to the arrangement, the national radiation be unified, unified quality, unified price, unified store image, require the door open, anacreontic, shelf orderly, clear display, can display the company's performance, product introduction, enterprise culture and coating only, in the eyes of customers and broad market establish unique Dana think good corporate image, we will do our best to provide good service for the society.
德納物流配送遵循“安全第一”和“時間就是金錢”的原則實施。龐大的儲存場地貨架並然,庫存豐實。工作人員按營銷指令以最快的速度保質保量將所需貨物送達客戶或專賣店。整個物流過程保證做到快捷、安全。 Dana logistics follows the principle of "safety first" and "time is money". The huge storage space shelves are stacked together and the stock is solid. Staff follow the instructions of the hero to deliver the required goods to customers or stores with the highest speed and quality. The whole logistics process is fast and safe.
無論家裝、工裝的整體設計、或塗料運用技藝(包括選取中、調色、塗料、保養),客戶均可向公司技術咨詢部專家及時通報。 No matter pretend, the integral design of the tooling, or the skill of applying paint (including selecting medium, adjusting color, coating, maintenance), the customer can inform the expert of the technical consulting department of the company in time.
- - 推薦最佳的産品及服務,向客戶提供最優的購買建議。
- - 提供配色服務,調節個性色彩。
- - 快捷核算出准確的塗裝用量,讓您花最少的錢。
- - 免費送貨上門,讓您更輕松。
- - 提供配色服務,調節個性色彩。
- - 工程進行全程質量跟蹤監控,確保塗裝效果。
- - 定期回訪、即使收集客戶反饋意見。
- - 保質期內免費維修
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